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Eco-Inclusion - Everyone can help!

Land Care Niagara is a not-for-profit organization run by donations and successful funding grants. The majority of LCN activities require additional funding from individuals, foundations, private business and corporations.

Did you see something at our website that interested you, like our Rural Niagara Tree Planting Program (NNHCP), Hooked-on-Fishing-not-on-Drugs program or Re-Leaf Niagara program? If you would like to financially assist in these programs or others, please contact Olivia Groff, or use our print-ready "Yes, I want to help Niagara's Environment" donation form.

Please identify on the back of your cheque what program or project you would like to sponsor.

Plant a Tree, Natural Heritage Corridor Program

Give the gift of nature that will grow for generations to come by helping to underwrite the cost of planting native trees in exchange for being recognized as a promoter of a healthier environment.

As a sponsor, you can help to plant trees for as little as $0.05 per visitor! You decide what your budget should be and we'll tell you how many trees that you will help to plant. As an example, if your budget was just $500, you would help to plant as many as 2000 trees! Sponsorship plans are quite flexible AND as an added benefit, you would be recognized with your name and logo that would be seen by the thousands of people that use our free Plant-a-Tree Click program each day! Exclusive sponsorships are available.

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at the Niagara Land Care office. Every action counts! LCN provides opportunities for all residents to become involved through our "hands'-on" programs. Individuals, organizations, corporations, and media can also help by:

  • Volunteering your time and expertise as a LCN Stewardship Council Member
  • Volunteering your time and expertise on a specific project or program
  • "Helping to Plant a Tree for Free"
  • Becoming a Re-Leaf Niagara tree mentor or recipient
  • Making a financial contribution towards a specific project or program
  • Collaborating with us on fundraising efforts
  • Spreading the word about our programs
  • Thank You Sponsors!

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