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Species At Risk

A “species at risk” is any naturally-occurring plant or animal in danger of extinction or of disappearing from the province. Once classified as "at risk", they are added to the Species at Risk in Ontario (SARO) List.

We are lucky to live in Niagara with lots of wild places and wild species - some 20,000 species of plants and animals. But this biodiversity - the variety of different habitats, and types of plants, animals, fish, and insects - are in trouble.  More than 65 of Niagara's wild species are at risk. Species can become at risk due to a number of reasons.  These include habitat loss, pollution, changing land use activities, as well as the spread of invasive species.

The good news is that together, we can act to protect and recover many of these species and safeguard Ontario's biodiversity.  Land Care Niagara has been working with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Species at Risk team for the past several years on habitat recovery, research and educational outreach material for landowners and others who are concerned with our disappearing species.

Visit the Species at Risk section of our online library for viewing and downloading of some of current outreach material.
For more information on Species at Risk in Niagara, contact Anne Yagi, the local Ministry of Natural Resources biologist at


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