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Land Care Niagara's Programs

Rural Niagara Tree Planting Program (NNHCP)

As a delivery agent for the Trees Ontario 50 Million Program and by partnering with private contractors, other funders and agencies, LCN works with rural landowners to promote and execute successful tree planting projects that increase forest interior and reconnect our fragmented natural areas.

The Natural Heritage Corridor program will see hundreds of thousands of native trees strategically planted in the Niagara Region. Planting areas are based on the Natural Heritage Framework map (click here to see map) produced in 1998. Utilizing leading-edge landscape ecology principals, satellite imagery, Geographic Information Systems, and the habitat spatial model the framework was developed in conjunction with Ontario Power Services, local ecologists, naturalists and foresters. The framework document and its recommendations deal with the issues of forest fragmentation, loss of forest cover, wildlife habitat and bio-diversity in the Niagara Region. By targeting our conservation efforts to increase forest interior and reconnect our fragmented natural areas we contribute to a healthier Niagara and help secure a legacy for our children.

In 2000, Land Care Niagara took a major step forward in implementing the framework. With funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and support from landowners and various environmental groups we have planted over 750,000 native trees and shrubs in a focused manner directed towards the protection and enhancement of Niagara's resources.

If you would like to help strengthen Niagara's environment for free, click here. You are allowed one click per day, so please visit us daily.

If you own land in Regional Niagara that falls within the framework areas (click here for map) you may be eligible for free trees. For more information please contact us.

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Our Sponsors

The work that LCN does across Niagara would not be possible without the generaous support of our sponsors.