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Land Care Niagara's Programs

Homeschooling Programs

Every child, regardless of age or learning style looks forward to activities and outings, and finds them fun and thought-provoking.  This program is for Homeschooler’s and private schools that do not have access to the outdoor education programs of large school boards.


The program is offered in partnership with Carla Carlson, local naturalist and owner of Niagara Nature Tours, a small business that teaches natural interpretation by observing the wonderful variety of vegetation and creatures that make Niagara home.  Carla is a wealth of information and enjoys sharing her love of the environment with children and adults alike.


Two programs are offered. One is an old-fashioned walk through a forest or park to learn about the sights, sounds and smells of nature. The other provides an opportunity to plant a tree in the community and to learn about the importance of trees for healthy and sustainable living.


Parents are encouraged to attend with their child.  Registration is limited, so be sure to register early!  For more information, contact Carla Carlson at 905-562-3746 or e-mail her at


Our Sponsors

The work that LCN does across Niagara would not be possible without the generaous support of our sponsors.